Comments from some of my clients …

 My magnificent web designer! I can not say enough amazing things about this woman. She has this excellent balance between the technical and design and beauty and function. She is endlessly patient, totally intuitive, a joy to work with and the real deal all the way around! She really walks her talk when she says she loves to take a client concept and make it come alive. Joanne won’t stop until you are thrilled with your product. I just love her and her work ethic is unparalleled. I can not sing her praise enough! If you need a website she is your lady!

Adrianna V.

Some people ask virtual assistants to help them with their internet marketing needs. Joanne is really more of a virtual angel!! The first time I talked to her she promised to make the process of expanding my professional platform “easy and fun.” I thought, sounds great but that would take a miracle. With Joanne’s astute guidance and assistance, in just a couple of months, my business has taken a quantum leap toward the success I always dreamed about which, thanks to Joanne, is now manifesting. True to her word, she has made it easy and fun which is a miracle considering my complete unfamiliarity with all things virtual. Joanne has the patience of a Buddha, along with a broad range of talents from the technological to the aesthetics of design. And, her kindness and generosity are simply unparalleled. Joanne is a very busy military wife, and devoted mom who somehow finds a way to respond to my needs expeditiously and most of the time, she anticipates what to do before I even ask her to do it! Along with several of my other friends and associates who are also enjoying her services, we always tell each other how blessed we are to have found Joanne. I am thrilled to tell you how much I love Joanne–she is a rare gem of a woman.

Jill Lebeau, MFT

I am so fortunate to have been referred to Joanne. I tried the do-it-yourself website product, and it looked like a do-it-yourself kind of site! Just one call to Joanne, and my fate had changed. Joanne has brought so much creativity to the process of building my website, along with ease and effortlessness. She intuitively read my personal style from just a few conversations and has built my website to promote that vision. She’s so talented and is literally always one step ahead. I am so in love with her work and to top-it-off, she’s reliable and fun to work with. I’m SO happy that I found her!

Mary M.

Joanne has been an incredible asset to my my business. She is pure gold in terms of know how, clarity, diligence and patience. She expertly walked me through what felt like impossible obstacles, and seamlessly provided exactly what I was asking for, even when I wasn’t sure what that was. She has exceeded my every expectation, and I look forward to many years collaborating with her. She is now permanently part of my “Dream Team.” I would highly recommend Joanne in building your website or assisting in any behind the scenes work. She will demystify the often overwhelming process, and add a little sprinkle of what I call “Joanne magic” to your life and your projects. As much as I would like to keep her all to myself, it’s only fair to share her talents with others. She is simply the very best! I know with absolute certainty that you will thank me for this recommendation, as I am so ever grateful and indebted to the person who referred Joanne to me!

Rebecca Grado, MFT

I went from not being able to find my website to the top of the page in Google searches. I would highly recommend Joanne for web design and search optimization.

Dustin C.

Thank you for your brilliance and hard work Joanne… You are an AWESOME secret weapon!

Erin O.